Quarterly Supplier Barometer

Topic: Sales & Production

The Heavy Duty Supplier Barometer is a survey published by the HDMA research department quarterly and is compiled from business data reported by our members. The contents of each publish Barometer are shared only with member responders to the survey. The anonymously reported results include estimated current and next year truck builds, raw materials recovery cost percentages, current business conditions, as well as risks and trends being experienced in the market. Click here to download the full report. 

HDMA's Q1 2019 Barometer report included the information below. 


Question: Describe the general twelve-month outlook for your business. Over the past month, has your opinion become:


Question: How significant are these issues facing your company?


Question: What are you forecasting for the North American 2018 Class 8 factory build range?


Comparison of off-highway sectors where 50% = at plan.

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