Global Commercial Vehicle Report

Date: January 1, 2013
Topic: Sales & Production

The 2009 Global Commercial Vehicle Report is a research study produced by HDMA every other calendar year.  The 2009 HDMA Global Commercial Vehicle Report details trending and data points on the NAFTA and Global heavy duty commercial vehicle industry and provides up-to-date information that will help effectively plan marketing campaigns, determine new product research and development, to make sound market evaluations.

The 2009 HDMA Global Commercial Vehicle Report includes:

  • Commercial vehicle market data on North America, India, Brazil, Russia and China and others.
  • HDMA’s biennial Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance in the USA survey/study of Truck Operator Maintenance Practices and Preferences
  • The 2009 HDMA North American HD Aftermarket Distributor Survey
  • Data on emissions reduction and energy information
  • Global truck export data.
  • Global Commercial Vehicle Universe by Country Estimates
  • MEMA’s Economic Overview
  • HDMA Member Listings and Membership Data
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