Meritor’s MTIS Standard Option on Vanguard, CIMC Trailers

Division News | May 16, 2018
Successful Dealer Magazine Meritor Inc. announced that the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) with ThermALERT is a standard/preferred... Read More

Can You Handle It? Bosses Ban Cellphones from Meetings

Division News | May 16, 2018
Wall Street Journal Two thousand six hundred seventeen times a day. That is how often the average person taps, pokes, pinches or swipes their... Read More

Jacobs Introduces 1.5 Stroke HPD (High Power Density) Engine Brake

Division News | May 16, 2018
Jacobs Vehicle Manufacturing Release Jacobs Vehicle Systems®, the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engine retarding systems,... Read More

Tesla Semi Project May Be Dead - Analyst

Division News | May 14, 2018 It’s been a rough few weeks for Tesla, with production problems, lawsuits, and analysts speculating that the company is running... Read More

Five Factors Driving Trucking Economic Trends

Division News | May 14, 2018 Although trends are favorable overall, economist Eric Starks, CEO of FTR, told attendees at the Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange... Read More

California's Hostile Environment for the Trucking Industry

Division News | May 14, 2018 - Commentary This past week, I had the opportunity to visit the lovely state of California, with its thriving tech sector and... Read More

Cummins and JAC Motors Form Joint Venture Partnership

Division News | May 14, 2018
Business Wire Cummins Inc. and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd. (JAC Motors) (SH: 600418) announced today that the two parties will form a... Read More

Caterpillar's Three-Month Rolling Machine Retail Sales +28%

Division News | May 14, 2018 Caterpillar says worldwide retail machine sales rose 28% Y/Y for the rolling three-month period ending in April,... Read More

Caterpillar Chooses Redline Detection for Global Dealer Equipment Program

Division News | May 14, 2018
Business Wire Redline Detection, the industry leader in OEM diagnostic leak detection equipment, today announced its collaboration... Read More

Trucking Industry Seeks to Avoid ‘Robot Apocalypse’

Division News | May 14, 2018 The trucking and logistics industry has entered a disruptive period in which fuels, propulsion systems and the driving process itself... Read More