State Of The Industry Report: The Roller Coaster Is Back On Its Way Up

Date: February 15, 2018

Successful Dealer Magazine

In an industry as cyclical as trucking, the only certainty is change. Good times come and go and bad stretches — though they can sometimes seem endless — are never here to stay. The rollercoaster is the norm, and once you get used to the falls, there’s reassurance in knowing the next climb is right around the corner.

For the medium- and heavy-duty dealer market, that climb returned in 2017.

After a bumpy, uneven ride the previous year, the North American dealer market enjoyed a substantial turnaround in 2017. From the nearly immediate rebounds of the new truck and parts markets to the slow, steady pricing stabilization in the used truck marketplace, last year was one of recovery and growth.

“I think we were hopeful going into the year” that a recovery was forthcoming, says Jerry Kocan, dealer principal at Four Star Freightliner. “We were expecting good things and it turned out to a be very, very good year. Better than we even anticipated at the start of the year.”

“It took a while, but I think we ended up where we wanted to be and where we projected ourselves to be,” says McCoy Freightliner General Manager John Schmitz.

Projecting and aiming for year-over-year growth is every company’s goal, but after watching new truck orders and used truck pricing crater in 2016, expecting a market correction for 2017 wasn’t a sure thing last January... To Continue Reading, CLICK HERE

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