Remote Diagnostics to the Rescue

Date: April 30, 2019
Source: Transport Topics Magazine

Remote diagnostics systems available on modern trucks are helping fleets avoid costly repairs and reduce vehicle downtime, and this technology is rapidly advancing toward offering better predictions of when problems might occur.

Tom Howard, fleet director for San Francisco-­based Veritable Vegetable, said his fleet doesn’t have much flexibility delivering its time-sensitive organic produce. For a while, it seemed every weekend he was answering a call from a driver reporting a check engine light. With limited information, he then would decide whether to drive to a potentially expensive outside shop or return it to company headquarters. It might be a major problem, or it might be a faulty sensor.

In January 2016, the company began using Kenworth’s “TruckTech+” on 11 of its 28 trucks. For those, he receives an e-mail telling him what the light is signaling and suggesting what to check. On the manufacturer’s website, he can see the truck’s fault code history, helping him determine if it’s a one-time problem or part of a trend. The system also provides the locations of the three closest repair facilities… To continue reading, CLICK HERE.