MAHLE Service Solutions Expands HD Offerings With FluidPRO Systems

Date: January 29, 2018

Fleet Maintenance Magazine

MAHLE Service Solutions has announced a major expansion of its FluidPRO line of fluid exchange systems for the commercial vehicle aftermarket, including the introduction of four new machines. The announcement was made during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2018 held at the Mirage in Las Vegas Jan. 23-24.

The FluidPRO line now features the following recently introduced products, specifically made for the heavy duty aftermarket: the VCX-32HD Coolant Exchange System, CFF-1HD Multi-Fluid Filtration System, EFP-150HD Portable Fuel Priming System and VOX-14HD Oil Exchange System.

Designed to increase shop productivity, these products assist with cleaner and more efficient maintenance and repair operations for fleets. The FluidPRO units feature larger capacity tanks specifically designed for use with heavy duty vehicles, and quick-disconnect fittings to provide a convenient and spill-free option for technicians.

“Everything you see in this product line is environmentally safe for the worker,” says Chuck Kinkade, Business Development Manager for MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions.

The exchange systems and filtration system also operate by shop air for added efficiency in the shop. Designed for roadside use, the Portable Fuel Priming System operates by way of a trailer’s battery cell.

VCX-32HD Coolant Exchange System

The new FluidPRO machines include the VCX-32HD Coolant Exchange System, which allows for the extraction, storage and refilling of large capacity engine coolant systems (up to 32 gallons), in about 15 minutes. The VCX-32HD eliminates air pockets during engine maintenance, allowing technicians to avoid the process of “burping” the system.

In addition to being used for manufacturer’s recommended coolant exchange intervals, the VCX-32HD can be used to empty and service the coolant system – for access to pump or sensor replacement, for example – allowing the user the option to either replace the coolant completely, or add the existing coolant back into the system.  

“The systems are designed to off-load the material hands-free,” Kinkade explains. “Let’s say the coolant comes back dirty, or they don’t want it. You can (flip) a few switches and pump it out and dump it into your waste tank.”

CFF-1HD Multi-Fluid Filtration System

The FluidPRO CFF-1HD Multi-Fluid Filtration System is an all-in-one machine that can clean a wide variety of industrial fluids.

The CFF-1HD is versatile and portable, helping to filter oil and water to minimize component wear and maximize the service life of the filtered fluids.

“These filter packs can be changed out,” Kinkade explains. This allows the shop to service multiple fluid types with the same unit, including hydraulic oil, gear lube, transmission fluid and engine oil.

The closed loop filtration process eliminates spills and contamination while extending the life of vehicle fluids and components, to help reduce a shop’s operational costs.

EFP-150HD Portable Fuel Priming System

The new FluidPRO EFP-150HD Portable Fuel Priming System is a diesel fuel primer to help get stranded drivers safely and quickly back on the road. When diesel vehicles run out of fuel, the injectors require priming to restart the engine.

“Typically for a manual start, it can take an hour or hour-and-a-half,” Kinkade says. “This process – start to finish – takes two minutes, with a smooth start.”

 Due to its fast and efficient priming function, the EFP-150HD eliminates manual roadside priming to swiftly get downed vehicles back in service. The EFP-150HD, made of rugged all-steel construction, primes in seconds and has a resettable fuel meter for billing customers after a fuel transfer.

VOX-14HD Oil Exchange System

The FluidPRO VOX-14HD Oil Exchange System uses air to purge used oil from the vehicle’s filter and oil passages while the oil pan is evacuated and replaced with clean oil. The machine makes the oil change process virtually automatic, so technicians can perform other maintenance tasks while the machine operates.

“It uses a vacuum to push the oil through the system and clears all the lines,” Kinkade explains. “In a normal system, you’re draining the oil and you get most of the oil out, but not all. When you pressurize it from the top, you clear all the passages inside the engines and get all the particulates and old oil out...The whole process takes 10 minutes. A typical oil change can take 45 minute to an hour.”

Addressing Industry Needs

Kinkade says along with real-world user feedback, this equipment was designed to assist with addressing three key industry concerns in the shop: the shrinking technician pool, the increased age of the technician workforce, and to save shops time. This recently introduced equipment provides shops the ability to streamline the repair and maintenance process.

“It might be an hour of labor time, but if they can do the job in 15 minutes, they’ll have a happier customer, and they can save money,” Kinkade says, for shops who use the new MAHLE Service Solutions FluidPRO equipment. “The ROI on this type of product is outstanding.”

Company Background

The MAHLE Service Solutions division is focused on tool and equipment solutions for the vehicle repair and maintenance aftermarket. The company launched in 2013, with a primary focus on the automotive aftermarket. MAHLE Service Solutions entered the heavy duty marketplace in 2015. These most recent announcements are an expansion of the MAHLE Service Solutions heavy duty line of tools and equipment.

MAHLE Service Solutions focuses on providing equipment in five areas of the aftermarket:

  • ArcticPRO – refrigeration service equipment, including RRR machines
  • NitroPRO – nitrogen tire inflation equipment
  • FluidPRO – coolant exchange, oil exchange equipment
  • ShopPRO – a line of jacks and stands, through a partnership with Gray Manufacturing
  • TechPRO – Diagnostic scan tools, available through a recent partnership with Noregon

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