MAHLE Appoints Dr. Jörg Stratmann Chairman of the Management Board, CEO

Date: February 1, 2018

Mahle News Release

Stuttgart – As of February 1, the new CEO of MAHLE, the fourth-largest German automotive supplier with sales of around EUR 13 billion and 77,000 employees, will be Dr. Jörg Stratmann. When ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Wolf-Henning Scheider, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board until the end of January, both expressed the desire for a change, the MAHLE Group was able to resolve the matter swiftly.

The 48-year-old industrial engineer becomes the new CEO of the MAHLE Group as of February 1, 2018.

Wolf-Henning Scheider leaves MAHLE on January 31, 2018.

Succession arrangements and new appointments at the top-level management of the MAHLE Group implemented quickly and sustainably.

This quick transition was made much easier because MAHLE had already earmarked Dr. Jörg Stratmann as a possible successor. Dr. Stratmann joined the MAHLE Group after leaving Continental AG in 2008 and has taken on increasingly demanding tasks. Until now, he has been responsible for managing the entire MAHLE Behr Group, now the MAHLE Thermal Management business unit, which comprises a number of operational units and most recently accounted for over 45 percent of MAHLE’s group sales with its future-oriented products.

“Dr. Stratmann brings a wealth of automotive experience—from both a technical and a business perspective. He is the ideal person to head the MAHLE Group,” stated Chairman of the MAHLE Supervisory Board, Prof. Dr. Heinz K. Junker.

Following in his footsteps is Bernd Eckl (50), who since April 1, 2017, has been a Member of the MAHLE Management Board with responsibility for the Engine Systems and Components business unit, which generates around 22 percent of MAHLE’s group sales. Bernd Eckl joined MAHLE from Getrag at the start of 2017 and rapidly made an outstanding contribution with his excellent teamwork within the MAHLE Management Board.

Georg Dietz (54) has been appointed a Member of the MAHLE Management Board for the Engine Systems and Components business unit. He has worked at MAHLE for 28 years and has demonstrated his technical and international competence in a wide variety of roles and with long deployments abroad.

MAHLE would like to wish the departing Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board, Wolf-Henning Scheider, who steps down on January 31, 2018, all the best and much success in his future role. “Our thanks go to Mr. Scheider above all for his intensive work during the transformation process that is currently affecting the whole automotive industry,” commented Prof. Junker.

“I firmly believe that with these personnel changes and new appointments we have made the right choices to guarantee a sustainable setup within the top level of management at the MAHLE Group. It is particularly important to me that we further focus on the ongoing technological development of MAHLE’s product portfolio. With the top management team at the head of the group, we are sure to succeed. I would particularly like to thank all shareholders and the members of the group’s boards and committees, including those on the employee side, of course, who have helped us to make these time-critical decisions with the necessary urgency. Without this intensive cooperation at all levels, such a prompt solution would not have been possible,” added Prof. Junker.


Dr. Jörg Stratmann

Born in 1969 in Münster/Germany, Jörg Stratmann studied industrial engineering with a specialization in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin after graduating from high school. He began his professional career in the Controlling department at Siemens Automobiltechnik in Regensburg/Germany. After earning his doctorate in 2000, he took on roles in the USA, Italy, and Romania with Siemens VDO. In Romania, he was responsible for the management of the national company as well as that of the development center and the electronics plant.

In 2006, he returned to Regensburg as Head of the Electronic Control Units for Gasoline Engines segment. Just over a year later, Siemens VDO was acquired by Continental AG, and he became Head of the Commercial Vehicles customer segment. In 2008, he moved to Stuttgart/Germany to join the MAHLE Group. As a Member of the Management Committee, he was initially responsible for the Liquid Management Systems product line, and he then took over the management of Automotive Sales and Application Engineering from May 2009. In February 2013, he joined the Management Board of the MAHLE Behr Group, and he assumed the role of Chairman in July 2013. In 2014, he was also appointed to the Management Board of the MAHLE Group, and since then he has been responsible for the Thermal Management business unit.


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