John Deere Launching Various Collaborative Initiatives in Africa

Date: July 11, 2019
Source: Ag Equipment Intelligence

John Deere and Corteva Agriscience — the standalone seeds and agrochemicals company established at the beginning of June from the Dow, Du Pont, Pioneer merger — have formalized their collaboration in Africa.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed at the Nampo agricultural exhibition set out how they would provide a broad spectrum of agricultural services, including precision farming, finance and technology collaboration.

Jacques Taylor, John Deere managing director for Sub-Saharan Africa, said that achieving higher levels of production in the region requires cooperation across the agriculture value chain.

“To this end, this partnership will see John Deere and Corteva identify collaboration opportunities across Africa that combine mechanization with the latest developments in crop science,” said Taylor. “The partnership is expected to provide African farmers with comprehensive solutions to endemic challenges through new crop management technologies and products.”

Deere is also collaborating in Africa with Hello Tractor, a technology start-up that provides formalized tractor hire and contractor bookings using a tractor monitoring device, cloud-based record keeping and a mobile device app.

Hello Tractor says it is creating a network of 500 tractor-owning contractors in Ghana and Kenya and is collaborating with Deere to provide training on how to set up, promote and run a contracting business, manage finances and learn the basics of agronomy and mechanization.

Hello Tractor says farmers throughout developing economies remain trapped in poverty largely because of the disorganized and often antiquated agricultural value chains that persist.

Tractors signed up to the scheme are equipped with a data capture device that provides remote monitoring of location, fuel consumption, engine hours and maintenance needs so that owners can hire out tractors with added security and better management.

“It’s exciting to see the innovation that Hello Tractor is bringing to the contractor segment in Africa,” says Jason Brantley, John Deere director of Sales & Marketing Asia and Africa. “John Deere’s success comes through how we and our dealers make sure our products are as productive as possible and always up and running.

“The Hello Tractor solution fits right into that and I think we are really just seeing the beginning of what is possible through data and telematics services for smallholder contractors.”

Hello Tractor is one of several tech companies selected for John Deere’s Start-up Collaborator program.

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