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HDMA's Quarterly Supplier Barometer: An Exclusive Member Benefit

The 2021 Q3 Supplier Barometer Survey is now open for responses.

By: Dave Giroux, President & COO, HDMA
Date: September 24, 2021

One of the core benefits of HDMA membership is access to insightful analysis and benchmarking to bolster your company’s strategic decisions, leveraging data from peer companies operating within the industry. One of HDMA’s premier Insight products that covers the gamut for strategic decision making is our Quarterly Supplier Barometer. The product is specifically designed to provide a heightened purview into current and next year truck builds, raw materials recovery cost percentages, current business conditions, as well as risks and trends being experienced in the market.

Q3 Benchmarking

The 2021 Q3 Barometer Survey is now available as part of this month's Pulse Survey. Members, please take some time to participate in these surveys if you haven't already.

If you’re new to HDMA or have not participated in the Quarterly Supplier Barometer in the past, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this benefit. As with all HDMA core products, there is no charge to participate and receive the report. Every member who takes the survey will receive the report via email upon publication. Responses are confidential via its aggregated, anonymous design.

By itself the report is useless — its power comes when members collectively participate to expand the range of knowledge and learning across a wide diverse range of member companies.  

Given the tumultuous nature of the last two years, what better time to enhance your ability to plan, forecast, budget, and market with a line of sight of where the collective industry is progressing? The Quarterly Supplier Barometer dives into the evolving business outlook, current and future sales volume, and price level changes, delivering significant return on investment for your time and participation.

Pulse on Insight

Additionally, do not forget about the added benefit of attending HDMA’s Pulse Webinar with ACT Research, where HDMA’s Richard Anderson will expand upon the current supply chain conundrum as well as COVID-19’s impact on operations. The Pulse Series was designed to supplement the Quarterly Supplier Barometer by providing monthly trends and a business outlook on the various segments in which members operate — whether OE, off-highway, or aftermarket supply.   

I am resolute that your time is worth the investment for both the HDMA Pulse and Barometer Insight products.

As always, engaging is simple. Again, you can register for the upcoming Pulse Webinar with ACT Research here, and you can participate in the Pulse + Barometer Surveys here.  I promise the time invested will provide a solid return.