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HDMA Social Media, At Your Disposal

Here’s how you can leverage our social media pages to promote your member news.

By: Dave Giroux, President & COO, HDMA
Date: October 8, 2021

One of HDMA’s key objectives this year has been leveraging new methods of connection to support our member companies. We are proud of our members and are at their beck and call to promote, communicate, and spotlight news that not only keeps the wheels in our industry turning, but also highlights the innovation, business continuity, and excellence at play within each of our 150 member companies.

Enhanced Connections

Over the course of the last several months, we have enhanced and introduced connection via our insightful monthly Pulse Webinars, The Heavy newsletter, The Beam member spotlight, and virtual Perspectives Webinars with participating industry OEMs, just to name a few strategies. You may have also noticed we’ve ramped up our social media promotion of member company news.

Our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages are business tools of ever-increasing importance in the commercial vehicle marketplace that help inform strategies, foster business decisions, and promote new products and services. Through our social networks, we are not only connected to our member companies, but also many other parties interested in our members’ news, such as industry OEMs, peers, peer organizations, academics, and students.

Let’s Talk About It

We encourage you to enlist HDMA as an added business tool in your external message distribution strategy. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Add to your press distribution list

  2. Follow HDMA on your social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook)

  3. Contact us with any specific news items you would like to see covered in The Beam

We will do our absolute best to promote all relevant member news in the appropriate channels. Know that we work diligently to shine the best light on all you do.

The Power of Sharing

Here are a few random examples of recent member news amplified on our networks. Coverage includes promotions, new product announcements, innovation spotlights, awards, and contract wins.



Let Us Know What’s Up

 Ultimately, our end game is unbiased distribution and promotion of member company news, with a singular goal of increased promotion for all HDMA member companies through our growing arsenal of connection tools.
Want to see your company’s news promoted via HDMA? Make sure to follow the steps above.