Generational Differences Present Challenges for Employers

Date: February 5, 2018 – Denise Rondini

There have been more dramatic changes in the last three years than there have been in the previous 40, according to Jim Pancero, “The Powerhouse of Sales.”

Speaking at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas he said handling the challenges is complicated by the fact that there are three generations currently in the workplace and that practices that help you motivate one generation may not work on another.

He used the games baby boomer and millennials played as children to demonstrate the differences between them.  Baby boomers organized their own activities and typically spent one third of their time picking side, another third playing the game and the last third fighting about the rules were. Salespeople who are baby boomers just want you to leave them alone to do their jobs. They will come to you if they have questions but they are very likely “to make things up as they go along.”

Contrast this with the millennials. From a young age they played organized sports, grew up in a rules environment. “When they come to work for you, they want to know who their ‘coach’ is going to be and want to be shown what works best in a sales situation,” he said.

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