Drilling Down into the e-commerce Effect in Trucking

Date: February 15, 2018


  • What happens when previously segmented goods, like clothing and groceries, are sold together and online in increasing amounts?
  • What happens when technology companies start building their own transportation companies?
  • What happens when technology changes so fast the life-cycle of a typical business is slashed by two-thirds?
  • And where does trucking and the businesses that support them, like truckstops, fit into?

Those were just some of the trends discussed by Ken Cassar, principal analyst and vice president of Slice Intelligence at the recent NATSO Connect 2018 meeting in Nashville, TN, this week.

Cassar, who’s been covering the e-commerce space for some 20 years now, noted that one of the biggest side-effects on the online shopping, buying, and shipping revolution is that the life-span of companies is being shortened considerably – even as they combine and re-combine to offer goods and services in non- typical ways.

“Consumers are more willing to adopt new technologies than ever before and that is shrinking the average lifespan of companies, from 61 years in 1955 to 17 years by 2015 – and it’s only going to shrink more,” he warned. “Technology is the main driver now. Uber, Google and Amazon are wired to disrupt and you are not immune; regulations, cost and experience no longer seem to matter.”

For example, he pointed to the list of the top five publicly traded companies by market capitalization and how it has changed in a decade. In 2006, Exxon was at the top at $446 billion, followed by GE, Total (another energy company), then Microsoft – the only technology company – at $292 billion and then Citi Bank. Fast forward to 2016 and only Microsoft remains, at the number three position, with $452 billion. Apple is at the top with $582 billion, followed by Alphabet (the holding company for Google) then Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

No big industrial firm or energy company, such as Exxon, is in the top five anymore, Cassar said... To Continue Reading, CLICK HERE

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