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Connections and Perspectives

Announcing The DTNA Perspective on June 3, 2021.

By: Dave Giroux, President & COO, HDMA
Date: May 13, 2021

Connections are so paramount in our rapidly evolving industry that HDMA has chosen connection as one of our new pillars of focus to benefit our members, OEMs, and our association alike. To that end, HDMA is putting its best foot forward in creating key programs where members can engage with, challenge, and interact on a myriad of topics that are critically important to the commercial vehicle industry.

Truth be told, this formula has been a fundamental component of HDMA forums and councils for well over a decade. HDMA councils routinely feature keynote speakers from the industry’s OEs in truck, trailer, and off-highway, as well as new technology entrants. Our main focus with connection is to bring these unfiltered voices directly to all our membership — whether council members or not. (No, this will not detract from our well-run and highly participated councils, as their primary endeavor is to dig deeper and cover industry topics that impact a tighter working group of participants.)   

I know this kind of connection works. I have spent most of my career focused on the OE side — whether it be for a well-known Tier One supplier in Troy, Michigan or directly at OEs like PACCAR, Navistar, and Daimler Trucks North America. Of course, on that side we had different goals and objectives — but they are completely symbiotic goals. Whether OE or supplier-based, the result is to improve the commercial vehicle logistics channel with vehicles of increasing performance laden with technologies that push the boundaries of cost, durability, total cost of ownership, safety, and support. See? Goals that are in synch with HDMA’s new connection pillar.

HDMA Perspectives Series

In that vein, I am happy to announce HDMA’s new OE Perspective Series, which we are kicking off with Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) on June 3rd There is no better time than now to hear from this industry leader. DTNA products (class 6-8) comprise approximately 40 percent of the market. DTNA pushes the envelope, no doubt, and is apt to challenge the status quo in areas of technology, connectivity, and overall aftermarket and network support. It’s only appropriate that we engage to learn, adapt, and grow as one industry together.

Joining us from DTNA will be their new President and CEO John O’Leary, who will engage with members on substantial topics, including what is on tap for the new Daimler Trucks organization and how the exciting changes will benefit both HDMA members and the market itself. We also anticipate John will cover the company’s EV and fuel cell developments that are gracing the news on nearly a weekly — if not daily — basis. Finally, we are keenly interested in learning about how DTNA — a company of approximately 22,000 employees — was able to navigate the COVID-19 crisis from the supplier and employee points of view and how they heightened utilization of e-commerce to keep pace with their customers’ demands.  

So, if you are receiving this Dispatch, you are indeed a member of HDMA. There is no cost to register and participate in this exclusive webinar in the new Zoom fashion — what an ideal way to connect.

Set the Tone: Tell DTNA What You Want to Know

Additionally, DTNA is listening and will engage on topics of interest to HDMA membership. As with every program and endeavor planned by HDMA, research is fundamental and ensures that we are hitting the connection bullseye for HDMA, DTNA, and all attendees alike. Therefore, please help us help you and DTNA by taking a few minutes to take the survey to ensure we are collectively connecting to optimize our interactions.