Big Military Orders For Iveco

Date: January 11, 2018

Diesel Progress Magazine

Iveco Defense Vehicles, the defense and civil protection brand of CNH Industrial, announced two contracts signed in December 2017. The first contract was an order from the German BwFuhrpark Service GmbH for a new fleet of military medium multipurpose 4×4 trucks for the German Army. The order is for the delivery of 280 Eurocargo trucks in 2018.

Another contract was signed with the Romanian Ministry of National Defense for the delivery of 173 military logistic vehicles in 2018.

Over the last decade, Iveco has delivered nearly 1000 vehicles to the German Army that have already been extensively fielded in operational areas such as Afghanistan and Mali. The latest order for MLL 150 E 28 WS vehicles will be supplied with an unprotected long-distance-driver cab with a new seating arrangement, storage for radio systems and soldier equipment, off-road single tires, a roof hatch, a NATO blackout light, trailer version, a spare wheel carrier and a multipurpose swap-body-frame to support multi-mission-operations outside Germany.

All vehicles will be Euro 6 emission compliant, including full single-fuel-operation-capability. The contract between Iveco and Bw Fuhrpark is the result of two years of market evaluation and comprehensive practical trials with a demonstrator vehicle. Other recent contract awards with the Bundeswehr also include 133 armored Trakker-8×8 trucks.

The contract with the Romanian Ministry of National Defense consists of purpose designed 6×6 military logistic vehicles from Iveco’s high mobility truck range. Designed as troop and transport carriers with a self-recovery winch, the vehicles offer improved mobility with the Central Tire Inflation System and capability to provide tactical support to any military operation and are C-130 air transportable.

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