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The Beam on HDMA Member Meritor: Electrifying the Future with Partnerships and Continuous Technological Innovation

How Meritor is pioneering advanced technologies with its electric drivetrain tech.

By: Caterina Pontoriero, Manager, Marketing Communications & Member Engagement
Date: June 14, 2021

Meritor is not new to the pioneering of advanced technologies across their global business — in fact, they have been pushing the boundaries of advanced propulsion technologies for well over 20 years and are resolved to continue leading the industry into a technologically advanced future. Today, that focus has a name: Meritor Blue Horizon

In this month’s edition of The Beam, the spotlight floods onto Meritor’s Blue Horizon and their recent winning integration of their electric drivetrain technology into projects with OEM powerhouse PACCAR, as well as Hexagon Purus, Volta Trucks, Lion Electric, and Autocar, LLC Trucks..

Meritor’s Clear Blue Sky

Meritor’s advancement of electric vehicle technologies for the commercial vehicle industry is only a continuation of their leadership in engineering and advanced technology. These electric initiatives are also synchronistic with customer demands for lower cost of ownership and ease of integration. Meritor’s innovations in electric technology are not only green for our planet, but blue for our skies.

Meritor Blue Horizon Electric Drivetrain Integrated products are made for the full array of efficient vehicles, including battery electric (EV), hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), and compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrid electric. Grounded in the Meritor tradition of reliability and durability, Meritor Blue Horizon delivers flexibility in global platforms, integration of motors into axles, and customized gearing for all segments of the commercial vehicle industry.

As more OEMs look to electrify their fleets, Meritor is at the ready with powertrain products for Class 4-8 trucks. In fact, their efforts are already paying dividends for the industry, as Meritor landed the first Class 8 truck production contract for electric powertrains in the industry in 2020 from PACCAR for integration into their Peterbilt, Kenworth, and DAF product portfolio.

This is not pie in the sky future development. The Meritor 14Xe all-electric, fully integrated commercial electric powertrain for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles is readying for full production.  And — not surprisingly — new technology OEMs are lining it up for its integration into a blossoming array of future electric vehicle offerings.

New Technology OEMs Electrify with Blue Horizon

Many recent examples highlight Meritor’s leading position in powertrain electrification. Earlier this month, Meritor and Norway-based Hexagon Purus disclosed the integration of Meritor’s Blue Horizon 14Xe into Hexagon Purus’ Class 6-8 vehicles, with production scheduled to begin this year.

Furthermore, earlier this year Meritor announced supply agreements with Volta Trucks, Lion Electric, and Autocar, LLC Trucks — all spotlighting the rapid acceleration of new technologies, with new products available to fleets across the globe that seek a cleaner, durable, and efficient powertrain solution to drive their new innovative trucks and buses.

Examples are many and include:

  • In Europe, Meritor entered a three-year supply agreement with London-based electric commercial vehicle startup Volta Trucks to integrate the Meritor 14Xe on the Volta Zero, the purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle, designed specifically for European inner-city parcel and freight distribution. Production is scheduled for 2022. 

  • In North America, Meritor will supply the 14Xe on Canadian manufacturer Lion Electric’s Class 8 tractors, with production slated to start in mid-2021.

  • A five-year supply agreement was also announced with American specialty truck manufacturer Autocar, LLC Trucks, with production scheduled to begin next year.

Rest assured, Meritor is not done innovating or partnering with established OEMs and new technology players — these are only the platforms currently appropriate for disclosure. Their progress to date is not only impressive, but inspiring to a world driven to meet future mobility and sustainability requirements.  

"Meritor’s dedication and commitment to quality and technology advancements are a testament to the future direction of the commercial vehicle market as alternate power sources continue to evolve and move forward into our everyday lives," says Dave Giroux, president and COO of HDMA. "As new HDMA members push the boundaries of innovation and advanced technology, The Beam will continue to spotlight the stellar achievements that are undoubtedly taking the industry into a prosperous and clear Blue future."

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