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Amplifying Your Supplier Voice

Joining MEMA's advocacy efforts is simple — really simple.

By: Dave Giroux, President & COO, HDMA
Date: June 3, 2021

A collective voice is an incredibly powerful tool to amplify the commercial vehicle industry’s voice on regulatory and legislative policy issues impacting the industry — and the issues continue to stack up exponentially for HDMA member companies.
That includes the supply chain issues currently causing members concerns: from the ongoing semiconductor shortage to the bottleneck at the nation’s ports. Compounding that, we are facing surface transportation reauthorization legislation, the expedited push from Congress and the White House pertaining to electric and automated trucks, the heavy-duty NOx rulemaking, workforce development, FET on commercial vehicles, and truck safety mandates. The list of major ongoing challenges for the entirety of the industry just keeps growing and it’s enough to make one’s head spin.

Don’t Climb Alone: Leverage MEMA DC

So, what’s an HDMA member company to do? Leverage the MEMA DC team’s expertise! There’s no need to climb these mountains alone.
Join all MEMA member companies and add your voice to our advocacy efforts. Together we represent an incredible array of automotive, commercial vehicle, and aftermarket suppliers charged with ensuring a cooperative prosperous future. 

Use Your Supplier Voice

Our very simple ask is to join advocacy with your voice — and I promise it really is simple.
Just take your mobile phone and text MEMA to 52886 and voilà! You will join our advocacy team. In return you will immediately be part of our collective voice. Moreover, your text will ensure that you receive timely and critical information on policy issues impacting your company — and that your voice will be heard.      
In addition to your text, our MEMA Government Affairs Team wants to hear from you — and absolutely no topics or concerns are off the table. Our team’s contact information is in the Quick Links on the right-hand column of this page for easy access to connect with them. They are chomping at the bit to fight for your concerns and rights. With your collaboration, they will keep you apprised of all actions that can be taken to represent your interests with federal and state policymakers.