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Webinar - Coronavirus & CV Industry Impact Update
April 22, 2020 , 1:00-2:00pm EDT - Webinar

HDMA and MacKay & Company will present a second webinar, Coronavirus & CV Industry Impact Update. Be sure to register today for an in-depth look at TEA®, Truckable Economic Activity and its elements, updated supplier sentiments, and feedback from fleets, distributors, dealers, and vehicle manufacturers. 


Online registration is now closed. Please email us if you would like to attend.


  • Dr. Bob Dieli - Economist, MacKay & Company

  • Richard Anderson - Director, Market Research & Analysis, HDMA

  • John Blodgett - Vice President, Sales & Marketing, MacKay & Company

Topics Include:

  • Truckable Economic Activity Elements

  • Insight Into the Revolving Response of Suppliers

  • Ongoing Update on Inbound and Outbound Freight Delays

  • Findings from MacKay & Company's Weekly Industry Survey ​