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HDMRC's Chasing the Aftermarket
January 23, 2022 , Grapevine, TX | 3:30 - 6:00 pm CT

Chasing the Aftermarket is presented by HDMA's Heavy Duty Manufacturers Representatives Council (HDMRC). HDMRC's purpose  is to discuss shared issues in the heavy duty industry. Council members participate to remain up-to-date on key issues and trends, as well as better themselves as manufacturer’s representatives in the markets they serve. HDMRC membership is made up of premier management teams that currently represent HDMA member companies.


3:30 pm – 4:00 pm - Registration & Networking

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm - Presentations

5:00 pm – 6:0 0pm - Reception


The Death of a Salesperson? Selling in a Virtual Environment

Doug Lashley, President, RPS Heavy Duty

  • Discuss what is different about selling in an environment that has become so accustomed to Zoom / Teams Meetings.  

  • What are fleets / distributors most interested in?  In person training?  Virtual training?  Both?

  • Discuss what selling looks like post vs pre pandemic and what changes you have made to be successful selling.

Buying Habit Changes in a Post Pandemic World

Wayne McKitrick, Vice President, Sales, Farrell Company, Div. of N.A. Williams

  • Discuss how parts are being sourced differently post via pre pandemic.

  • E-Commerce purchasing.  What makes sense?  What does not?

  • The Amazon affect?  CV Market disrupter?

  • How are traditional distribution models evolving?

Communication Strategies for the Aftermarket Parts Business

Bob Shimp, Principal, William Shimp Sales Inc.

  • Creative ways to communicate your value (from a parts manufacturing perspective).

  • What media works best? Electronic?  Print? In-person training? Yes to all of the above?

  • How to differentiate and get noticed with being annoying

How Will ZEV’s Change the Parts Business for Better or for Worse?

John Adami, Principal, Northwest Heavy Duty, Inc.

  • What skills will be needed to service a ZEV?

  • What is so different about a ZEV anyway?

  • The design. Simple? Complex? Proprietary? Open source?

    Moderator: Don Gritzmacher, President, Enders and Associates, Inc.