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AutoTech Connect
September 5, 2019 , Silicon Valley, CA

This new mobility technology and vehicle supplier matchmaking event gears toward connecting OE automotive suppliers, heavy duty/off-highway suppliers, and automotive aftermarket suppliers. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to meet with startup companies that have developed advanced technologies for connected vehicles, telematics, EV, and other applications. Register to attend AutoTech Connect 2019 to learn about the latest trends, explore new business relationships, network with other suppliers, and develop a better understanding of this evolving landscape.
Who should attend?
Automotive, heavy duty, off-highway, and aftermarket suppliers looking for new technologies and potential business opportunities with innovative companies
What should attendees bring?
Depending on what attendees are looking for, tier suppliers should come prepared to discuss technologies of interest.  Attendees would typically be technology scouts, M&A executives, or R&D executives.
Who will attendees be speaking with?
Founders and executives from targeted, pre-vetted, transportation-related start-ups
How will the pre-selection process work for meetings?
Both tier suppliers and start-ups will have the opportunity to select their top choices for meetings about 10 days before AutoTech Connect.  Participants will be given access to a website with a list of companies and a brief business plan for each one.  After submitting their top choices, these “preferred meetings” will be scheduled and pre-added to the meeting schedules.  All participants will get a schedule in advance, but additional meetings can also be added (see below).
What is the meeting structure?
Each tier supplier will have a table for meetings along with an initial meeting schedule. There will be 15 meetings that are each 15 minutes long with a break of 5 minutes between them. Just before the match-up meetings begin, start-ups will have the opportunity to add their company names to any remaining time slots on a tier supplier’s meeting schedule.


Some of the companies that have already committed to participate include:

  • Actasys Inc: Applies aerodynamic principles and patented technology to maintain the cleanliness of automotive sensors

  • Aftermarket Analytics: Developer of a web-based application to help automotive aftermarket companies predict demand and customize inventory

  • AIRLIB: Creates real-time traffic pollution maps by crowd-sourcing pollution data from millions of automotive air quality sensors

  • AlphaICs Corporation: Developer of "Real AI Processor" that provides perception and decision-making ability to the edge in applications ranging from autonomous cars, drones, and robots

  • Antenum: Developers of conformal antenna that sits flush with the vehicle's roof

  • Arbe Robotics: Proprietary imaging radar system that provides real-time high resolution 4D mapping

  • Arrive, Inc.: Partners with companies, brands, and municipalities to provide seamless parking and other mobility-related services

  • Ascent Robotics Inc.: A robotics/AI startup developing intelligent autonomous vehicles and next-generation industrial robotics solution

  • Breezometer: Provides hyperlocal air quality data

  • CarDash, Inc.: Developing a service platform for the automotive industry of tomorrow

  • Carma Car, Inc.: A monthly vehicle subscription service that allows members to drive any of its cars as long as they want, with insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance included

  • Deepen AI, Inc.: Developing software to improve the labeling of camera, LiDAR, and radar data

  • Dellfer, Inc.: Dellfer focuses on cybersecurity solutions against "zero day" attacks within connected networks such as deployed IoT devices and connected vehicles

  • Drive Time Metrics, Inc.: Developing innovative new revenue streams from connected car data

  • emotion3D GmbH: Camera-based vehicle interior monitoring solutions for safety and comfort applications in the automotive industry

  • Eyeris: Deep learning based emotion recognition software that reads facial micro-expressions in real-time with regular cameras

  • Eyeware Tech SA: Enables machines to track eye-gaze remotely and in 3D, enabling attention sensing and intent prediction

  • Freer Logic: Neurobiomonitor headrest provides real-time brain data without contacting the vehicle's driver

  • Geotab Inc.: Telematics software that makes actionable business intelligence and benchmarking data accessible

  • Get My Parking: A smart parking platform that connects all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform

  •, Inc.: An AI software company building a platform for L4 autonomous driving

  • InfiniDome: Cyber solutions that protect wireless communications from jamming and spoofing attacks

  • Inventev: Technology to create medium duty commercial truck electrification solutions, advisory services, and mobility services

  • KULR Technology Corp: Developing thermal management systems that make electronics cooler, lighter, and safer with carbon fiber-based technology

  • Launch Mobility, Inc.: A platform that supports full-service mobility operations, enabling remote vehicle access, smart reservation planning, and robust fleet management capabilities

  • LifeSaver: Driver behavior software that discourages phone usage while driving and features daily email reporting to the fleet manager

  • Liftango: Software to dynamically optimize route planning

  • LISNR, INc.: A new communication protocol that sends data over audio

  • Lunewave Inc.: Developing antenna and radar sensor technology for use in a variety of markets including automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and research for applications such as autonomous transportation, 5G delivery, and drones

  • MagicGPS LLC: Maker of a device that records the GPS location of where it's been

  • Metawave Corp.: Leverages adaptive metamaterials and AI to build high-performance radars capable of 3D imaging and vehicle-to-vehicle communications

  • Optimal Plus Ltd.: Life cycle analytics software for the electronics industry and its entire supply chain

  • Parkofon Inc.: A fully automated parking payment and control system that facilitates car sharing, parking management, and enforcement

  • Phiar Technologies, Inc.: Developing augmented reality vehicle navigation that projects directions

  • Pitstop: A cloud-based prognostic maintenance platform that enables enterprises to leverage the wealth of information available from their vehicle fleets

  • PowerSphyr Inc.: Wireless power charging solutions for the automotive, consumer, and industrial markets

  • PreAct Technologies: Leverages existing ADAS vehicle sensors and infrastructure to predict and prepare a vehicle and its occupants for an imminent crash

  • Pyze, Inc.: Sophisticated machine learning and AI-based personalization and engagement capabilities to marketers, product managers, and data analysts

  • RFISee Ltd.: Developing the world's first 4D imaging-radar-on-1-chip, providing the next generation ears and eyes for autonomous vehicles

  • RideCell, Inc.: Platform that provides the technology needed to run a ride sharing or car sharing operation

  • RoadBounce: Developer of smartphone-based software that records road roughness and driving comfort

  • SafeMode: A holistic solution designed for fleets, insurers, rental car companies, and car manufacturers that's intended to improve driver behavior

  • SapientX: A conversational AI platform that understand context, emotion, complex sentences, and learns user preferences

  • Savari, Inc.: Hardware and software solutions that enable V2X based connectivity

  • Smart Radar: Radar vision technology for automotive and industrial applications

  • Solair: An exhaust pipe heat-based A/C compressor

  • Soteria Battery Innovation Group: Developing battery separators that reduce the volume, weight, and cost of lithium-ion batteries

  • Splitsecnd: A portable device that detects accidents and connects to a 24/7 emergency response center

  • Stradvision, Inc.: Vision-based technology software used to help vehicles to identify and navigate objects

  • Telenyze Inc.: Developers of a tool that gathers sensor data through the OBD interface, analyzes the vehicle's health, detects and predicts problems, and alerts drivers if a problem is detected

  • TireStamp Inc.: Tire pressure monitoring systems for truck fleets

  • UltraSoC Technologies Ltd.: Semiconductor IP that allows chip designers to integrate intelligent analytics infrastructure into the core hardware of their devices

  • Xapix: Backend software developer for connected vehicle services, helping mobility companies access, use, and monetize their data


The Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA), the Automotive Aftermarket Supplier Association (AASA), and the Heavy Duty Manufactures Association (HDMA) will host a joint meeting in conjunction with the “OESA 2019 Q3 Mobility Supplier Forum” on Sept. 5, 2019 at SRI International in Menlo Park, California. This automotive forum meets quarterly in California’s “Silicon Valley” area and is intended to help automotive suppliers advance their business interests in connected and transformative technologies. Each meeting features insights from leading industry experts on issues of common concern for automotive suppliers.
John Muhs, attorney, Warner Norcross + Judd, will discuss how tier suppliers and aftermarket suppliers are partnering with new technology companies and how you should approach these arrangements.
Jeremy Carlson, principal analyst & manager, autonomous driving & mobility, IHS Markit, will share insight on the markets for ADAS and autonomous driving, connected cars, user experience, software, mobility and other automotive technology topics.
Chris Bahlman, head of diagnostics & services - North America commercial vehicles & aftermarket, Continental, will depict the global supplier’s vision for launching new aftermarket applications through organic development and partnerships with third party technology innovators.  


  • $225 -- Joint OESA/AASA/HDMA MTC Meeting

  • $500 -- Matchmaking Event Table – per Tier 1 and Aftermarket Supplier Company

  • $100 -- Matchmaking Event – per Person from Automotive Technology Startup Company


Residence Inn Palo Alto Menlo Park
555 Glenwood Avenue
Menlo Park, California 94025 USA

A block of rooms has been set aside at the Residence Inn Palo Alto Menlo Park. Please book within the block for the best rates. Cut off day is Wednesday, Aug. 14. After that date, the hotel cannot guarantee rates or availability.

All reservations must be made via phone. Attendees can call the hotel directly at 650.327.2000 and identify themselves as part of the AutoTech Connect group to receive the discounted rate:

  • Wednesday, September 4: $399

  • Thursday, September 5: $299