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Heavy Duty Brake Manufacturers Council

The Heavy Duty Brake Manufacturers Council (HDBMC) is comprised of senior technical executives of member companies in the heavy duty brake components and braking systems market.  Membership in HDBMC is restricted to just those companies directly involved in OEM design and manufacturing of brake components and systems.  

Memberships are for the individual member company and are limited to a primary representative and a back-up delegate for council proceedings. 

This important council works toward the standardization of design envelopes for components, safety-related design issues, interaction with government regulatory agencies, as well as additional related items in common with SAE, TMC and TMA such as numbering systems and recommended practices.  

This council has a very strong interface with the MEMA Governmental Affairs office in Washington, D.C. and contributes frequently to offer industry insight in the instances of potential governmental regulations for this industry.  All meetings of HDBMC are closed to non-council members.