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HDMA members get unparalleled access to the commercial vehicle industry through a variety of products and services uniquely crafted to provide INSIGHT, further CONNECTIONS, and simplify ADVOCACY.


Connecting members to customers, peers, and industry experts and shining the light on how HDMA members move this industry forward. Benefits include:

  • HDMA Forums & Councils – The ability to have round table discussions with peers in your industry segment is essential for staying at the forefront of whatever your goals are, whether they’re staying ahead of the latest technology, learning the latest marketing and sales techniques, or knowing how to face the latest industry issues and challenges. Ranked the highest value among HDMA members, our exclusive Forums & Councils meet twice a year for discussions and networking, and to hear directly from key customers.

  • Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week – HDAW is a massive gathering of over 2,300 stakeholders in the heavy duty independent aftermarket. HDMA members get the opportunity to meet with sought-after distributor companies during prescheduled One-on-One Business Meetings on the Product Expo Floor.

  • New Communications Tools – The Heavy e-newsletter and The Beam member spotlight.

  • HDMA Perspectives Conference Series


Pushing the envelope on information and education on economic trends and changes, market segment outlooks, benchmarking, and the analysis needed to help members guide their business. Benefits include:

  • HDMA Monthly Pulse Webinar Series – Created in response to the COVID-19 crisis in early 2020, the Pulse is a collection of member-only surveys, reports, and webinars covering topical issues in the industry. Each month we present the findings of the Pulse Survey alongside our market research and analysis firm partners to help members stay informed and ahead of the latest challenges.

  • HDMA Quarterly Supplier Barometer Reports – This benchmarking report helps members gauge the temperature of the market by shedding light on upcoming disruptors, tapping into areas for growth, and giving a head’s up on changes in market conditions. We ask members “What’s keeping you up at night?” to help them compare against the industry and prepare for what’s ahead.

  • HDMA Business Benchmark Reports – These reports provide valuable budgetary benchmarking data, giving insights into best practices across different departments including sales and marketing, IT, operations, and human resources. Business Benchmarks is a one-stop-shop for industry budgeting data and analysis to help you budget for your organization.

  • HDMA Terms & Conditions Reports – This benchmarking report is for long-term agreements (LTAs) and comprehensive supply agreements (CSAs) and offers vital data to help sales and marketing executives in contract creation and negotiation.

  • HDMA Dialogue Conference Series – Dialogue conferences dive deep into identifying emerging market disruptors, spotlighting rising trends in technology, and providing strategies for sustaining business in an ever-changing global economy for the global commercial vehicle original equipment and aftermarket segments.


Keeping members up-to-date and informed on the latest policies in the federal, state, and municipal governments that directly relate to the commercial vehicle industry and ensuring that their voices are heard on the issues directly affecting their business. Advocacy benefits include:

  • Representation in DC – MEMA is known throughout the federal and state governments as the voice of the motor vehicle supplier industry, advocating on behalf of its divisions members. MEMA has a fully-staffed government affairs office right in Washington DC, working with state assemblies and agencies, the World Forum on the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29), and other international initiatives.

  • Government Affairs Committee (GAC) – The GAC determines the key legislative and regulatory priorities of MEMA on the state and federal levels. Made up of motor vehicle parts suppliers both big and small and serving every major marketing segment of the industry, membership in MEMA’s GAC gives you a seat at the table — and if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

  • MEMA Action Center – This new tool helps HDMA members stay informed on public policy. The Action Center is designed to help members easily communicate with their elected officials on issues impacting their businesses and the vehicle supplier industry as a whole.

  • MEMA Advocacy Week – During the annual Advocacy Week, HDMA and MEMA members get direct access to key legislators, can engage in groundbreaking educational sessions, and have the opportunity to ask questions of elected officials and staff.