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Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue
January 24, 2022

Jointly presented by HDMA and MacKay & Company, HDAD is an outlook conference, specifically directed toward the heavy duty aftermarket supplier industry, intended to provide an in-depth view of the prospects for the global, heavy duty industry’s aftermarket component, for the next 5 years.

HDAD brings together thought leaders from all segments of the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry who can share applied knowledge on the state of the marketplace and what steps are necessary to be sustainable and prosperous as the industry evolves. This conference delivers this critical information by identifying the toughest emerging problems in the Heavy Duty Aftermarket industry, as well as sharing the most successful strategies being implemented to counter them.

Past HDAD Topics Will Include:

  • A real-world view of pandemic strategies, successes and failures, and looking toward what's next

  • What to expect of the 2021 DC administration

  • Macro-economic trends that will impact the industry

  • MacKay & Company's Truckable Economic Activity report

  • Technology changes forced into the distribution chain by the pandemic and what will stick

  • The fleet perspective on changes in the aftermarket and lasting lessons from the pandemic