HDMA Surveys and Research

HDMA offers insightful market research specifically tailored to the needs of the heavy duty parts manufacturing sector. 

Members are given the opportunity to complete four surveys each year (one per quarter) to generate content for the HDMA Supplier Barometer Survey. 

Several surveys and reports are generated within the HDMA Councils & Forums, designed around issues that the council members determine to be of interest and relevance. These surveys are for council members only and are given whenever a need arises that requires survey-based research. 

Additionally, surveys are given in conjunction with HDMA Events to determine what information attendees are looking seeking when they attend our events, evaluations of the event speakers, relevance and value of the content, location and facilities, and suggestions for improvement for the future.

Another membership-wide surveys given on an annual or semi-annual basis include the Membership Satisfaction Survey, which allows our members to tell us what components of their membership provide the most value, which need to be improved upon or added to, and any additional feedback that will help us enrich the Value of Membership with HDMA.

Because the goal of this research is to provide our members with relevant and valuable information, events and experiences, we continue to review and consider new ways to expand upon and improve these services.

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